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Live Scan Fingerprinting

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We are Authorized and certified by DOJ and FBI Live Scan,
Ink and Digital Fingerprinting on the FD 258 card.

DOJ Fee - $32
FBI Fee - $17
Rolling Fee - $25
Excluding Travelling Fee
Travelling Fee will depend on distance covered.
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Live Scan Fingerprint Services

We offer DOJ and FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting and Ink and Digital Fingerprinting on the FD 258 card, on-site or at your Locations in entire Bay Area, California.

We offer DOJ and FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting and Ink and Digital Fingerprinting on the FD 258 card, on-site or at your Locations in entire Bay Area, California.

We are Authorized and certified by the State of California, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice Fingerprint Rolling Certification program to roll applicant fingerprint impressions for license, certification, and employment purposes with 12 years of experience. Our fee is $27.00, in addition there may or may not be State and or FBI fee, it is depend on your applicant type. Please ask your requesting agency to help you determined how much is State/FBI fee if not we will be happy to look-up upon your arrival. We do offer volume discount, please contact us for more information.

During regular business hours our in-store fingerprinting specialists are at your service. We also provide mobile fingerprinting assistance so we can meet your fingerprinting needs at a place and time of your convenience. For example we can provide finger printing assistance at your home, business, bank, law firm, hospital, school, college, assisted living, senior citizen residents, nursing home or Air port. Walk-ins welcome

No appointment is needed. Walk-ins are welcome during our normal business hours

Important Q&A
To check your Live Scan results, call the automated telephone system at the Department of Justice at (415) 780-9700. Make sure to have your birth date and the 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) number available. The ATI number is on the bottom of the request form. The system will prompt you to type in the ATI number (1 LETTER; 3 NUMBERS; 3 LETTERS and 3 NUMBERS). For the birth date, type a two digit month, a two digit day, and a four digit year (MM/DD/YYYY).
What is Live Scan?

Live Scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. With Live Scan, your digital prints are sent immediately to the California Department of Justice and the FBI for processing. As mandated by state and federal law, these records are used to determine each applicant’s suitability for licensed and/or employment.

Why does California want me to use Live Scan?

Prior to Live Scan technology, fingerprints were “rolled” using ink and hard cards. This process was very time consuming , processing time usually took 3 – 5 months! Once the fingerprints were taken, the paper hard cards were submitted to the appropriate agencies. and processing time usually took 3 – 5 months (moved). Because this method depended heavily on the experience of the “roller” to detect bad prints, many hard cards were rejected due to image quality. Today, Live Scan systems use cutting edge software to monitor the quality of each print and provide real-time feedback to the operator so errors can be fixed prior to submission. (Live Scan makes it much faster to run criminal background checks and most are) Most Live Scans are completed within 72 hours of submission.

What should I do if my fingerprints are rejected?

Fingerprints can be rejected for many reasons. The most common problems being with the applicant’s fingerprints that make them difficult to successfully capture.) The most common reason is when applicants have abrasions, scars, deformities, and/or calluses that affect the fingerprint image quality. If your fingerprints are rejected due to poor image quality, you should return to A Foto Video Mail & more and have your prints retaken with no additional fee. However, if your live scan rejects due to an omission or error made by you on the Live Scan request form, you will need to return to be reprinted for an additional fee. Please remember to bring your rejection letter from the DOJ to your reprint visit. The letter contains information necessary for resubmission and A Foto Video Mail & More cannot reprint you without verifying information in the letter. How many times can my fingerprints be rejected? Per the DOJ, applicants are only required to be scanned twice in the state of California. If after the second attempt, your fingerprints are rejected, the DOJ will use another method to verify your background.

Can I request to have my own fingerprints done to find out my criminal history record? Yes, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness. To receive a copy of YOUR criminal history record, individuals must submit fingerprint images, pay a $25 processing fee to the DOJ and a rolling fee, and follow the instructions below. Instructions.

Use the Live Scan Form (Form BCII 8016RR, pdf)
Check “Record Review” as the “Type of Application”.
Enter “Record Review” on the “Reason for Application” line.
Fill out all your personal information.
For more information regarding Live Scan fingerprinting, please visit the Department of Justice website http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints/publications/contact.php